A long road ahead as far as the eye can see with gray cloudy skies, photo by Illiya Vjestica on Unsplash


Keeping it real here, hit a speed bump in the road. I want to share I had hopes to debut our UV Sun Gauntlet line for this Black Friday season, bu...

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Image of designer, Sharone of HELIADES wearing a royal blue UPF sun protection UV sol Escape, in San Francisco, CA


I started designing my own sun protection solutions with technical UV fabrics because I couldn't find anything on the market I'd consider wearing ...

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Baby sitting in blue plastic tub, splashing water using a metal cup

UV Rays Beyond Violet

A while back I went to a local discussion about sun safety awareness and skin health. Belinda Ryan, organizer, and Dr. Amy Adams, dermatologist,...

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Person behind steering wheel of older model car driving near beach. A pair of sunglasses hang from the rear view mirror.

Sun Damage On Your Left

Do you ever wonder when you look in the mirror why you see more sun damage on the left side of your face?   Researchers speculate this is because ...

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