What We Stand Up For

We Stand For Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity. 

We welcome in to our community every color, gender, orientation, identity, nationality, ethnicity. We accept good hearts with best intentions. And we stand before you with open hearts and ears ready to listen.

We are learning how we as a small business can stand up for systemic change and halt racial injustice for our Black community. It will not be perfect and mistakes will happen. But this is how we learn. And it's good to learn.

We stand firm with the AAPI community and ask you to speak up and check on your neighbors. Anti-Asian hate - any form of hate - is simply not okay.

We believe in voting rights and encourage all eligible persons to register and pledge to vote in all elections at the local, state and federal levels. You can even register directly on our site, courtesy of Rock The Vote. For more resources on preregistering to vote, go here.

The sun does not discriminate, nor should we.

Together let's find the courage to be brave and badass.

Thank you for reading,
Sharone, CEO + Founder