What We Stand Up For

Update: As part of our quest to advance systemic change and racial justice, we have donated to the following organizations

We Stand For Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity. 


We welcome in to our community every color, gender, orientation, identity, nationality, ethnicity. We accept good hearts with best intentions. And we stand before you with open hearts and ears ready to listen.

It is not enough that we teach our children to be kind, generous of heart, and willing to help others. 

We are learning how we as a small business can stand up for systemic change and halt racial injustice for our Black community. It will not be perfect and mistakes will happen. But this is how we learn. And it's good to learn.

Our first action is to call attention to the need to register young people to vote and take a pledge to vote in all elections at the local, state and federal levels. You can even register directly on our site, courtesy of Rock The Vote.

We are actively searching to partner with dermatologists and aestheticians who specialize in skin of color to educate and spread awareness about the different sun challenges skin Types IV-VI experience when exposed to UV sun radiation.

We are actively researching organizations in our community to support by volunteering or donations that reflect our values. Currently the research focus is on two areas: women and higher education.*

We appreciate if you can help by suggesting community members or organizations that may help us with these goals, email or @getHeliGirl

Our desire is to reflect our values visually on our website.

The sun does not discriminate.

Together, often with self-deprecating humor, we find the courage to be brave and badass.

Thank you for reading,
Sharone, CEO + Founder