Anti-Aging Advantage

Wearing sun protection

While most of us are generally aware of the effects sun exposure has on premature skin aging, many don't realize that sun exposure is cumulative over a life time and all the intermittent exposure we have on an every day basis adds up. 

Clothing is considered the first line of defense to protect skin from UV sun exposure and to mitigate sun damage. However, the majority of sun protective clothing on the market today is activity specific for beach, cycling, running, hiking, etc. A stylish, fashionable sun protective solution for every day usage like driving in the car, walking the dog or attending to kid activities will protect your skin and keep you healthy. 

Since most of us receive 80% of our cumulative sun exposure before age 18, being sun conscious makes good sense. 

UPF clothing protects you from both UV-A and UV-B rays. You can put it on and forget about it as there is no need to remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours, nor do you need to wait 20 minutes before going outside. 

Sun protection clothing provides immediate and long lasting sun coverage and it's not sticky like sunscreen! With proper care of your garments they will last a long time which makes it a very smart and economical choice in the long run.  

Because it's easier to protect your skin than correct skin damage. For more about protecting your skin, go here

Our Story

About the designer

The first sun protection accessory Sharone designed was a pair of arm sleeve sun gauntlets long enough to protect her tattoos from sun exposure, and pretty enough to wear every day with street wear.

Realizing that to age gracefully one must invest in their future self, she began creating sun protective accessories suitable to wear every day to enhance a busy person’s existing daily wardrobe (we call it UPF street wear). With a strong attention to detail, she makes her original designs with the most luxurious UPF 40-50+ fabrics that are breathable, dry quickly and retain their shape to suit a busy person’s lifestyle.

H E L I A D E S launched in 2016, the first sun protection accessories street wear brand to blend functionality, quality and style - designs that while practical are still fashionable.

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Garment Care

To extend the performance and life of your product, we recommend turning the garment inside out and machine washing in cold water, preferably in a lingerie bag.

Gentle Cycle | Cold Water | Do Not Bleach

Line Dry Only | No Iron

Made Of UV Sun Protective Fabric Rated UPF 30-50

Proudly Made In San Francisco

How To Say It


We are inspired by the beautiful nature goddesses of Helios, the sun god.  

You can call us he-lee-aa-dez or he-lee-ades, either way is just fine.

We design stylish, fashionable UV sun protection street wear so you can harness the sun and let your inner goddess shine without compromising your style.

We Are Proudly Made In San Francisco

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