Looking for stylish apparel to sun protect your skin every day?

You found us!

Our mission is to design fashionable UPF 50+ sun protective apparel with streetwear appeal you’d love to wear every day.

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 Why us?

  • You'll look stylish and will keep your skin glowing and healthy with our clean UV sun protection apparel.

  • Eco-aware designs are certified free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals so safe for you and the environment.

  • Textiles made with renewal resources (recycled water, wind energy, solar power) and certified permanent UPF 50+ won't wash out in laundry.

  • We're a small, local business and you'll get to know our founder, Sharone, too!

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    Exclusive designs created in-house by our founder, Sharone, and sewn by hand in small batches in California #wearUPF