Tell Me What's Your Fave Hat(s) And Why?

I need to replace my sun protection hats and I'd love to know your favorites!

Include the brand, website if you know it, WHY you like it, and most importantly be sure to hit the Submit button.

I'll make a list and share it with our Heliades community so we can all stay sun protected ❤️

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As for me?

Heliades Fashion Sun Protection_Woman wearing sun hat, sun protective blue scarf and UV Sun Gauntlets on hands. She is holding an umbrella for sun shade.

My go-to sun protection hat is actually a crownless roll up hat by San Diego Hat Co. I like it because my head can breath, I can pile my hair on top of my head, and it rolls up and packs small. It's a great on the go, travel hat.

Heliades Fashion Sun Protection_Woman wearing straw hat with bow, yellow shirt and sun protective UV Sun Gauntlets on hands

This is the hat I wear sometimes when I'm dressed a little nicer. I like that it frames my face and I can pull it down around the sides. I don't wear it as often bc my head gets hot in hats with crowns, and bows don't always match my style of dress.

My current running hat is a basic, adjustable Lululemon visor. I wish it had a wider brim, but I like that it's not too stiff. In the past I've worn a golf hat with a 5" floppy brim from another hat sewn on top of it. Yep, it was not a fashion statement, but it was fabulous for keeping the sun off my face and neck when I was running half marathons.

I'm excited to read your favorite hat tips so if you haven't already, scroll up to the top to share your faves then hit the Submit button.