We're Committed.

Heliades Sun Protective Clothing Values Sustainably Made Textiles Using Renewal Resources

Committed to lowering the carbon footprint by partnering with materials + textile manufacturers using renewable energy sources, recycling and certified OEKO-TEX materials.

Heliades Sun Protective Clothing Made with materials free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals using fabric certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Materials and textiles are OEKO-TEX or ECO certified and track Product Environmental Footprint which eliminates chemicals from the supply chain and waterways.


Heliades Sun Protective Clothing values ehtical manufacturing practices for workers to earn a livable wage in safe conditions

All textile products are made by hand in registered factories in the United States that pay livable wages, and provide a safe, clean working environment to workers.


Heliades Sun Protective Clothing is made local in California contributing to our economy and family livelihood in the san francisco bay area

Made locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA - We are invested in our local economy and in keeping the textile industry alive here in Northern California.


Heliades Sun Protective Clothing is an eco-conscious indie brand and woman owned small business

Sustainable materials and manufacturing practices mean a safer product for the environment -- and YOU. Our textiles are certified safe for prolongued contact on skin.


Heliades Sun Protective Clothing designs original UV clothing and accessories to protect skin in all seasons year round.jpg

Breathable, buttery soft with permanent UPF 50+ sun protection that blocks more than 98% of UV rays, our products are a smart investment made for year round wear.



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