Unveiling Radiance: A Fashion Solution for Stylish Sun Protection Every Day

Fashion forward sun protection apparel and gloves to avoid sun damage and look stylish every day. Woman wearing pink sun protective cape, the Sol Escape with hand made Spirit Flower clip.

In the eternal quest for a stylish outfit and radiant, healthy skin, the sun can often pose a significant challenge. We all want to bask in the glow of the sun without sacrificing our sense of style, and why shouldn't we? The good news is, you no longer need to choose between fashion and sun protection. Our specialty lies in crafting fashion-forward sun protection clothing and gloves that not only elevate your look but also fiercely protect your skin from the relentless exposure to the sun throughout the day. Let's explore how you can confidently avoid sun damage, love how you look, and revel in the fabulous feeling of protected skin, free from regrets after a day out.

Embracing Style and Sun Safety:

The idea of sacrificing style for sun protection is outdated and unnecessary. We believe that your wardrobe should empower you to express your unique sense of style while prioritizing the health and radiance of your skin. Our mission is to offer a solution that seamlessly integrates sun protection into your daily ensemble, ensuring you look and feel fabulous without compromising on safety.

Fashion-Forward Sun Protection Clothing:

Gone are the days when sun protection clothing meant oversized, unflattering garments. Our fashion-forward collection is designed to cater to the modern, discerning individual who values both style and skin health. From chic capes and shrugs to elegant gloves and arm sleeves, our garments are crafted with precision to keep you on-trend while providing a robust shield against harmful UV rays.

What sets our clothing apart is the incorporation of a fierce sun protective fabric. This designer fabric is infused with titanium dioxide, permanently woven in to ensure maximum protection. Certified with a UPF 50+ rating and adhering to OEKO-TEX standards, our garments offer the best defense against premature skin aging. The UPF 50+ rating signifies that the fabric blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays, giving you unparalleled protection throughout the day.

Unveiling the Power of Titanium Dioxide:

The secret to our fabric's efficacy lies in the powerful properties of titanium dioxide. This naturally occurring mineral acts as a physical barrier, reflecting and dispersing harmful UV rays away from the skin. Unlike chemical sunscreens, which absorb UV radiation, titanium dioxide provides instant protection upon contact with the skin, making it an ideal choice for those seeking immediate and reliable defense.

Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability and your well-being is reflected in the OEKO-TEX certification. This ensures that our fabrics are free from harmful substances, making them not only safe for your skin but also for the environment. You deserve clothing that not only protects you but aligns with your values.

Accessorize with Sun-Protective Gloves:

While clothing offers significant coverage, we understand that complete sun protection requires attention to detail. One often-neglected area is the hands, which are prone to premature aging and sunspots due to regular exposure. Enter our stylish sun-protective gloves – a chic accessory that complements your outfit while providing essential coverage to your hands.

Crafted with the same dedication to fashion and functionality, our gloves are designed to be an extension of your style. With various colors and patterns to choose from, you can effortlessly integrate them into your daily looks, ensuring your hands receive the protection they deserve.

Love How You Look, No Regrets:

Our mission is not just to shield your skin from the sun but to help you love how you look and feel. The feeling of confidence that comes with knowing you're beautifully protected is unmatched. No more regrets after a day out in the sun – instead, relish the satisfaction of making choices that prioritize both style and health.


In the pursuit of radiant, healthy skin, there's no need to compromise on style. Our fashion-forward sun protection clothing and gloves offer a solution that combines elegance with efficacy. Embrace the power of titanium dioxide-infused fabrics, certified UPF 50+ and OEKO-TEX, ensuring you have the best defense against premature skin aging. Love how you look, protect your skin fiercely, and step into the sunlight with confidence – because your style should never be sacrificed on the altar of sun protection.


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I started Heliades with the intent to combine fashion with function by designing sun protective apparel with an elevated look that doesn't scream beach, resort or activewear. My goal is to create stylish options to protect our skin every day, for every occasion.

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