About Why I Do What I Do (Another Bad Video)

About Why I Do What I Do (Another Bad Video)

or, Why I Started HELIADES Stylish Sun Protection Clothing And Believe Healthy Glowing Skin Is Essential.

Here’s another bad video! Don't worry, it's short. This is a little about me, why I started HELIADES, and why healthy skin is essential for your health.

If it wasn't clear in the video...I will have to work on that. I believe we deserve to look and feel good every day! And that begins with taking care of our skin and keeping it glowing. 
At HELIADES we design and make luxurious sun protective apparel and accessories for skin conscious women who love to step out in style every day. We believe you can defend your glow while looking stylish every day!

I made a FREE download of 7 Easy Tips you can do to take care of your skin, stay healthy and defend your glow. Sign up below and get going with your glow today!

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