Brain Workout Music (yes, it is a thing)

Screenshot of Spotify playlist,

Time for another playlist!

getHeliGirl Community, refresh your brain game with this eclectic playlist compiled from songs mentioned in this article written by Geoffrey James, Contributing Editor,

To be exact, it's "39 songs that nine of the world's most successful people have in their playlist" (note, a few of these songs have explicit lyrics).

I believe sometimes we all need every little tool imaginable to make it through the week whether you run your own business, work for the boss, or especially when you run the big show at home.

Music is proven to make us more productive and can condition our brains to think and feel certain ways so get motivated, be inspired, keep moving forward and start your brain workout here.

You don't even have to break a sweat.

Just for fun.

Play it 🎧cause I believe in you BRAIN Workout 🎵

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