How I Channeled My Inner Badass Self

How I Channeled My Inner Badass Self - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

It was the late afternoon on Friday, the 13th of March. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this date. The wind was already blowing and the light was bothering my eyes. The weather was colder than anticipated even by California standards almost like an eerie foreboding of the soon to be shelter in place order and other events to come. The sun was battling to break through the clouds creating a hazy glare perfect for making my eyes cry which was exactly what I didn’t need.

Far from organized, running late and mad at myself for trying to fit this in rather than rescheduling, I had been scrambling to get our UV sun Gauntlets pressed and stacked by color and style so this new product photo shoot would run efficiently. Because instead of being focused on work that morning and every day that week, the other pandemic shoe had finally dropped. We'd just found out earlier in the day at 11:30am that our school district was closing all schools and this was the last day class would be in session. Our older sons’ colleges were moving to online distance learning. AND, one of them informed us he had to be completely moved out of his dorm within a few days, adding more stress and creating a logistics nightmare - I mean challenge. For anyone who is a parent or caregiver, you know that when shizzle happens you have to prioritize the living and breathing over your work. You may not be smiling at the time about it, but you know at the end of the day it is just what you do.

It’s a bit of trial and error with new products to figure out best practices for showcasing them, and our Gauntlets are tricky because they are not made in the traditional manner with thread and needle. Because they are seamless and reinforced with a soft yet strong tape, they don’t easily lay flat. By this point we had only worked with our new photographer, Tom, once before.

I could’ve cancelled but I had a foreboding sense of what was to come. We’d already decided to begin social distancing as a family. It was a matter of time before we’d lock down.

So on that Friday, the 13th of March, in the late afternoon with the wind blowing and sun bothering my eyes I stood in so Tom could frame the photo, check the lighting and do some test shots. As I stood there waiting I stared off into the distance and wished the glare of the light would go away, and just let my mind process all that had transpired that morning while still unable to accept that all the speculation about worst case scenarios was unfolding in to reality. 

Photography equipment strewn on the grass in front of photo shoot background

And then Tom said, "hold that look” and I heard the shutter click. Hopping off the platform, he showed me the test photos through the camera's viewfinder and he liked the expression on my face, said that it was a bit of attitude. 

Indeed. The reality of school closures, the new social distancing guidelines, this invisible virus and the surreal feelings. Annoyed to have so much work time displaced, again. Because there is always something that gets in the way. Impatient to just take the photos. Sinking feeling that photoshoot #3 would be postponed the following week.

I remembering being initially surprised by Tom’s comment and saying something like, ‘this look? I could do this look all day’.  But then I started to laugh. At the end of the day it is just what we do. We process, find the solution and solve the problem, and then we show up and make it happen. We are more badass than we think we are. Sometimes it takes a photographer to bring it out, but here’s a reminder. You know it’s in there lurking. 

We weren’t able to finish all the product shots we had planned, and then of course you know the shelter in place was ordered in the Bay Area with the rest of the state of California following within a few days. I know designers launching their collections with home styled flat lays photographed on their living room floors, so I am feeling relieved and lucky to have these professional shots. Go check ours out here! Cause soon we’ll be home styling photographs, too.

After you’ve checked out the photos, please reach out if you’ve got any product questions. We are so proud of our UV sun Gauntlets Collection - woman designed luxury sun protection gloves in two lengths: beyond the wrist and full arm length. Launched in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, made with thoughtful design and high quality materials, chosen to manufacture locally here in California. If I can channel the inner badass, so can you. You know it’s in there lurking!

If you're curious to learn more about sun protective arm sleeves and gloves, read more here. And if you're in to keeping your skin glowing and fresh, join our mailing list and for a limited time receive a discount off your first purchase. Our goal is to keep you stylish and have you ready to be UP For anything you want to do. 

Join Us! Stay stylish and sun safe friends! Be UP For Anything #wearUPF

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