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Keeping it real here. I want to share I had hopes to debut our UV Sun Gauntlet line for this Black Friday season, but as I stare at my eraser streaked production calendar I see this possibility slipping away. And I can’t help but feel disappointed. So I allowed myself to feel it for a few days, and then as I’ve learned from my son and his best friend I’ve got to tell myself ’it’s okay’ meaning, like everything else in life you’ve got to pick yourself up and just keep on going.

It's a speed bump in the road, such is the life of a start up, blah, blah, blah.

My goodness, this industry is not for the faint of heart, it is such a roller coaster ride! But I love it. 

Most certainly all is not lost, I return to my factory next week and will remind myself I’m another step closer to bringing you these badass UV Sun Gauntlets.

Optimism for the win.

Much has been written about how music makes us feel better and more productive. I’ve been wanting to share this article with you and now seems like a perfect time. It's about the correlation of music, success and productivity, and is written by Geoffrey James, Contributing editor of Inc.com

While "music is many things to many people, but to entrepreneurs it can be an essential success tool”, I believe sometimes we all need every little tool imaginable to make it through the week whether you run your own business, work for the boss, or especially when you run the big show at home.

With that, check out Geoffrey James' article here, and then train your brain for productivity and success with this playlist* I compiled of songs mentioned in his article of the most popular music listened to by 'very' successful people. 

*Note, a few of these songs are marked ‘explicit’ and 2), general comment this is a really eclectic mix of music genres 🙂

Play the music 🎧cause I believe in you BRAIN Workout 🎵

By the way, know anyone interested to protect their skin from sun damage? 

And are you signed up on our friends + family launch list?

Here's the link to sign up, please go for it! We're planning a little something for when we do launch and we want to make sure you know about any promotions or discount codes🌻

As always, thanks for being with us!


Founder + Chief Designer

It's okay, it's so NOT okay!

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