Easy, Low Cost Things To Do On Mother's Day

Easy, Low Cost Things To Do On Mother's Day

I remember my first Mother's Day.

I couldn’t wait to get dressed up and go to a fancy brunch buffet and show off my new baby. We were on a road trip to visit my parents and ended up at what is now the Palisades Tahoe Resort in Truckee, CA for our first fancy Mother's Day brunch!

Over the years as our family expanded we continued our Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet/Parade tradition until the kids were in grade school and my metabolism started to slow down.

What’s your favorite Mother’s Day memory? I would LOVE to hear it! Share with me here.

If a fancy brunch is not your style, here's a few easy, low cost ideas to celebrate your loved ones -- updated to fit today's busy lifestyles.

  1. Instead of that fancy brunch, go to the bulk foods section and put together a customized trail mix. Put the mix in a cute container with airtight lid. (I’d go for a combination of nuts, seeds, dried fruit like cranberries, and a sprinkle of chocolate or cacao chips. Customize your mix for your favorite mom.)
  2. Curate your own bouquet with wildflowers or hand pick from the flower aisle. Tie off your bouquet with some up cycled ribbon leftover from your last shopping spree.
  3. Tuck a brief hand written note or one of your kids' drawings under her coffee mug in the morning.
  4. Offer to do the grocery shopping and/or make a meal.
  5. Call or send a text to say hello!
  6. Go get fresh air: Pack a mini-picnic and go for a walk.
  7. Be up for anything: Go on a family bike ride. Be sure to snap a pic of your tribe
  8. Don’t forget your water, sunglasses, hat and sun protection gloves!

Print out and share this list with your loved ones. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms -- you deserve this day!

1st Mother's Day, Truckee, CA


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