Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity

Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

Dear Heli Girl Community,

We want to be perfectly clear with you about what we stand for and what we believe. You may be wondering, what does sun protection clothing and accessories have to do with any of this. Given the civic unrest we're currently witnessing and as a female owned small business with a woman of color as CEO, it is everything. 

We Stand For Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity. We welcome in to our community every color, gender, orientation, identity, nationality, ethnicity. We accept good hearts with best intentions and stand before you with open hearts and ears ready to listen. 

Together, often with self deprecating humor, we find the courage to be brave and badass.

We Believe quality matters and strive to create different, luxurious sun protection clothing and accessories using superior UPF fabric made with minerals not chemicals that is safe for your skin and healthy for you as well as better for the environment.

We Manufacture in the USA - in the Bay Area on the Peninsula, in San Francisco and in Oakland, CA. We source fabric that is made with sustainable, fair labor practices and select OEKO-TEX certified materials whenever possible. 

We intend to help jumpstart the possibilities in your everyday and watershed moments by offering elegant, badass sun protection options with a different point of view from what's currently on the market.

Together we are stronger. Stay safe, stay healthy, be badass.


If you're curious to learn more about our brand and our sun protection products, join our mailing list and for a limited time receive a discount off your first purchase.

Join Us! Be UP For Anything #wearUPF


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About our founder

I started Heliades with the intent to combine fashion with function by designing sun protective apparel with an elevated look that doesn't scream beach, resort or activewear. My goal is to create stylish options to protect our skin every day, for every occasion.

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