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Hi Everyone, TGIF!

This is Sharone with Heliades - I design and make by hand UPF Sun Protection Clothing With Street Appeal. And what I mean by that is it’s UV sun blocking apparel you could wear every day beyond the beach or trail.

Today I’m going to give you an update on how this new hoodie-tunic design is coming along,
I have a few updates about stock in our store,

And then let’s talk SALES.

Ok, diving right in here.
(Show dressform)
First, a pocket.
I played with a few pocket shapes - I want to balance the utility of pockets while trying not to add too much bulk through the midsection. 
I have this one pinned here so it’s easier for you to see
(Lifts the hoodie tunic up so you can see the pocket)

(Removes the pins to reveal the actual pocket)

This pocket seems small, but guess what it will fit a mobile phone, even the larger ones.
(Slips the cell phone in pocket)
The opening is small so your phone won’t slip out.
(Moves the hoodie tunic around)

You can slip your keys, credit card, hand sanitizer, mask, tissues, bandaids (!) in this pocket so you can be hands free when you’re opening the car door, loading stuff in/out of the house. 

Next, the neck.

I’m trying to figure out how to keep this additional neck coverage up for the times when we need it. When you don’t need extra coverage, the neckline drapes really nicely.
I got a suggestion from Meg on my Instagram account, @getheligirl, thank you Meg!

She suggested magnets.

(Remove hoodie tunic from dress form)

(Show the magnets)

So last week I tried the magnets and wore this to the grocery store. 
The magnets are super easy to use, but while I was shopping they didn’t stay together.
So then late at night I an idea to try a button hole.
I’m using a white button so you can see it
(Show button)

So I have two types of button holes to test out and see if these will stay together.

(Puts the hoodie tunic on with hood up and neckline draped)

(Put the two baseball hats on)

The hood is big enough to accommodate flat bill snapback caps)

I do want to make coordinating gloves to go with this hoodie tunic. 

For some arm coverage.

Ok, store updates.

This moroccan UPF mask is back in stock. It's navy blue and white print, and made of the same sun blocking fabric as this (gestures to hoodie tunic). 
It blocks more than 98% of UV rays and this protection that won’t wash out.
It has really good side coverage and also covers your jawline.
Here, I’ll show you. 
This one is mine, btw!
(Puts on mask and shows the side coverage and jawline coverage)

(Removes mask)

Also this style mask will be available soon in this print, black and a few other colors that will have a broader, gender neutral appeal.

(Show the new mask)

Ok, Sales time!

(Puts on one green SPF arm sleeve and one UV glove)

I think I’ll put these on sale in the store to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day which is coming up!
So these gloves are made with the same fabric as the masks and this hoodie tunic.

(Show both the arm sleeve and gloves)

That means the UPF 50 protection won’t wash out.

They are super stretchy and forgiving,

(Stretch them)

They feel very soft and silky.

And they’re breathable. I like that when I wear these my arms don’t feel hot and get sweaty. 

And I like that they’re easy to put on and take off.

I recommend hand washing these bc it’s faster and they dry so quickly. You can machine wash inside a lingerie bag and line dry, but hand washing in general just preserves the life of any clothing.

What I do when I get home from the grocery store is when I wash my hands, I just wash the gloves too with hand soap.

(Rubs hands together to simulate hand washing)

Then I hang them up to dry and depending on the weather they dry pretty quickly.

Each pair comes with a free zipper pouch to store them so you can find them easily in your bag. The pouches are made with upcycled fabric.
The arm sleeves come in three sizes

(Fold the arm sleeves and insert into the bag)

And the gloves come in one size. I’ve got a size chart in the product description so you can figure out what size is best for you.

Ok, so I should put these on sale.
Want to do 25% off?
Ok, I’ve got to make a coupon code so when we’re done here I’ll post a 25% off coupon here and if you get my weekly newsletters, open today’s bc I’ll probably bump up the discount for subscribers.

these gloves will qualify for free shipping, so woohoo bonus.

Ok I’ll post a few things in the comments!
The URL to these gloves
A coupon code
And a link to sign up for our weekly newsletter
You can find these, the size chart and other sun protection options on my website,
I love reading your comments so please keep them coming.
Thank you for watching and see you next week!
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