How To Optimize Fit And Comfort Of Sun Protective Face Mask

How To Optimize Fit And Comfort Of Sun Protective Face Mask - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing
Wondering how To Properly Wear A UPF 50+ Sun Protective Face Mask To Optimize Fit, Comfort And UV Sun Coverage?

Every face shape is different! Here's the steps to get the best mask fit and sun coverage for your glowing cheekbones and jawline:

  • First, tuck the unique pleats under your chin then secure mask behind your ears.
  • Gently adjust the nose wire and smooth fabric towards your ears.
  • Next, make adjustments to the elastic loops by gently sliding or pulling the silicone beads or adjust the knots.
  • Scrunch or widen the fabric gathers by your ears. This helps with fit as well as provides much needed UV ray sun coverage on your driver's side face.
  • For style points, you might like a little fabric tuck along your cheeks (see video)!

Follow these steps to optimize the fit to your unique face shape and provide the best sun coverage to protect your glowing skin on your cheekbones and jawline.

HELIADES masks block over 98% of UV rays and keep your glow going!

Made of UPF 50+ OEKO-TEX certified fabric - better for your skin and the environment.

Watch video ⬇️ is a woman owned, sustainable brand based in San Francisco/Bay Area, CA
We design functional yet stylish sun protective accessories that are fun to wear and serve a dual purpose of keeping your skin glowing and style intact.

Made by hand in small batches in the SF/Bay Area.

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I started Heliades with the intent to combine fashion with function by designing sun protective apparel with an elevated look that doesn't scream beach, resort or activewear. My goal is to create stylish options to protect our skin every day, for every occasion.

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