How To Determine Your Fit For Sun Protection Gloves & Arm Sleeves

Measuring tape wrapped around knuckles of left hand

Here at  H E L I A D E S we call sun protection hand gloves and arm sleeves our UV Sun Gauntlet Collection. They're made with a soft, high stretch, UPF50+ fabric and a seamless construction technique to optimize your comfort. And while we aren't crazy about what size labels connotate, we recognize it would be confusing if we didn't define our sizing. So we took in to consideration averages and incorporated these in to our design process. For example, did you know the average hand size measurements are 7" circumference across the knuckles for women, and 8.6” across for men, and bicep measurements range an average of 12.9" to 14" for both women and men.

Keep reading for tips to help you evaluate which size will feel most comfortable on you.

For our sun protection Hand Glove Gauntlets, these are one size fits most (OS).

To determine if you fit our OS size range, measure your hand circumference across your knuckles. Our hand gloves will stretch to accommodate up to 10.5” hand circumference, and the wrist opening stretches up to 9.5" wide so we think we'll be able to cover most hands with our gloves.

A hand with white measuring tape wound around the knuckles

Our sun protection Arm Sleeve Gauntlets are made in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. They have the same fit range through the hand and wrist as our hand gloves, and will stretch to accommodate up to 12.5" forearm circumference.

To determine which size is best for you, measure the widest part of your forearm just below the elbow, and the bicep circumference of your upper arm.

An arm with white measuring tape wrapped just below the elbow around the forearmForearm circumference measurement

An arm with white measuring tape wrapped around the bicepBicep circumference measurement

Jot down those measurements, then go here to check out our size chart.

NOTE: We encourage you to select your size range based on if you want a snug or looser fitting arm sleeve! 

P.S. Here's some examples of how our gloves fit different hand sizes.

Left side shows tape measuring an 8.5" hand circumference, and Right side shows this 8.5" hand wearing our Hand Glove in black with silver trim.

Above photo, here's a 7.5" hand circumference, wearing our Hand Glove in black with silver trim.

A hand with tape measuring an 8.5" hand circumference, and same hand wearing the same Hand Glove as in the phto above

Above photo, here's an 8.5" hand circumference, wearing the same Hand Glove

We encourage you to stay stylish and be sun safe while you enjoy being outside! Remember, sun protection clothing is the best line of defense from UV rays.

This Shop link will be live when our UPF50+ sun protection Gauntlets are available.

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