Letter From HELIADES CEO re: COVID-19

Letter From HELIADES CEO re: COVID-19 - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing


To Our HeliGirl Community:

Like you, I have been following the COVID-19 updates as it breaks across the globe. It’s now here in the San Francisco/Bay Area and it feels rather unsettling as we try to keep up with the latest information.

Here are a few things I'm doing to keep on:

  • Telling myself to stay the course as much as possible.
  • Wellness checks (text and phone) with my parents, Tías and Tíos, and any senior community members I’m friendly with. 
  • Turn off the news cycle and take sanity breaks. Seriously.
  • Walks or bike rides outside - I require extra perimeter space when biking so social distancing is easy to accomplish if you bike with me.

Additionally, my daughter’s pediatrician schooled us in proper hand washing yesterday. Yes, apparently there is hand washing and then there is how you should wash hands if there’s a coronavirus outbreak. It’s not just 20 seconds with soap, Dr. Ison specifies you’ve got to wash in between your fingers, the top and bottom of your hands, as well as washing your thumbs. Once you tick down this list it’s easier to make it to that 20 second mark. 

Secondly, after doing the Corona Hand Wash, I am washing my Gauntlets as soon as I come home. Using a gentle hand soap, I focus on the high touch areas (palm and thumb areas) then gently squeeze out the excess water (no wringing, squeezing). They tend to dry quickly and often I have to put them back on when they’re still damp. It's ok.

Today I tried wearing disposable gloves in high touch public areas like the grocery store. Because it has been weighing on me what we as a community can be doing to help stop the spread. I realized I was concerned people would think I'm being alarmist. But we’ve all got friends and family in the high risk range and this is what I thought of when I put the gloves on in the grocery store. I was very, very self conscious and I thought everyone was staring at me, but I kept them on and secretly felt good about it.

A pair of UPF 50+ sun protection arm sleeves next to disposable gloves and car keys

Hand wearing a disposable glove over sun protection arm sleeve, resting on edge of red shopping cart full of groceries.

Do you have a small habit change you’re making to help stop the spread? I would love to hear what you’re doing to keep your family well. Send me a note at sharon@heliades.com

Stay healthy friends, we are in this together.

Sharone, CEO + Founder of HELIADES


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