Many Surfaces Reflect The Sun's Rays

Depending on where you live, the time of year, and the time of day, UV levels will vary. The strength of UV rays, also known as the UV Index, are going to vary based on 
  • Height of the sun in the sky - highest during summer months
  • Altitude - distance from the sun
  • Latitude - proximity to the equator
  • Clouds and Haze - both can enhance, not diminish, UV rays
Additionally, many surfaces reflect UV rays - for example, in ascending order:
  • Grass, soil, water
  • Sand
  • Sea foam
  • Snow​

And it's good to note that any wet surface is going to enhance UV reflection thus intensifying UV exposure.  Even as spectators, be mindful of your daily exposure through every season!

In The Throes of Precipitation, UV Rays Still Penetrate Your Skin

Keep in mind that even on a rainy day your skin needs protection from UV rays. Clouds may filter UV rays, allowing about 80% to still reach your skin. 
And, if you're in for a snow day?  Keep in mind that snow reflects up to 80% of the sun's rays! 
Sometimes we forget to reapply sunscreen - we've all been there, right?  If we forget to reapply every few hours or don't apply enough, it leaves our skin vulnerable to over exposure and harmful UVA rays. The solution? Wearable sun protection. 
Sunglasses are a functional and fashionable accessory - pick the right shape and frame your face! Just make sure you select lenses that are rated for 100% UV protection so while looking fashionable you'll also be protecting your eyes and the delicate skin around them from the harmful effects of UV rays.
Here's a handy pictoral for selecting sunglass frames based on your face shape.
Remember, best practice is to wear your sun protection every day!

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