Prod Dev Update: UPF 50+ hoodie tunic shirt garment design

New design update from Heliades UPF Sun Protection Clothing - this hoodie tunic shirt is designed to feel soft and forgiving like loungewear with an elevated look and street appeal, and with all the hard core sun protection functionality that we love!
It’s made of UPF 50+ protection that won’t wash out.
Permanent sun blocking +98% UV rays for head, scalp, neck and chest sun coverage.
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Here is the transcript:

Hi everyone! Ok! this is Facebook Live #2 for Welcome! I’m Sharone, I design and make sun protection clothing with street appeal for you to wear everyday. If you are a skin conscious individual, then you are in the right place.

So today I wanted to give you an update on the progress of a new design I’m working on. It’s a hoodie tunic style. If you have suggestions for what to call it, I’d love it if you’d leave me a comment or send me a DM.

So what I was going for is a look that’s versatile - a little more of an elevated look with the types of color combinations you’d see on the street.

It’s still functional fashion - all sun protective, blocking 98% of UV rays.

But it feels comfortable - my body wants to feel like I”m wearing pajamas even when I’m outside. And yes, I have done that during the pandemic — forgotten what I was wearing and wandered outside the house with my nightgown on as a t-shirt. Sigh.

Ok so let’s dive into this a little bit!

(Hold sup the yellow and blue prototypes)

Here is one of my highlighter yellow drapes  (first prototypes) -  this step - which I do multiple times - helps me develop the pattern and I use fabric that I’ve rejected for final product to drape, so I don’t waste anything.  

(Shows the sample on mannequin)

So here is what I would call a first sample. The pattern development is far enough along that I was ready to take the plunge and use the actual fabric so I could see how the hoodie tunic garment would fall or drape on a human.

Here’s the front and here’s the back - this pleat and the yoke just visually break up the real estate on our backs so it’s a flattering silhouette.

 It’s longer in the back to cover more of your tushie and the curve kind of cuts an optical line diagonally across the sides of your tushie so it doesn’t look like a box.

I think you know what I mean.

I have a little flap in the back and the front to protect your neck.

I wanted a nice flattering neckline and I like how the fabric falls here, and then you can show off your necklace of the day.

Then the hoodie!

It’s two layers of UPF 50+ fabric - and I love using a contrasting fabric. I wanted a hoodie that’s easy to pull up to cover your hair and scalp. For the times when you don’t have a hat on hand or it’s windy.

(Gets two pins)

Now a functional detail — I really like to protect my neck so I came up with this idea to attach the neckline to the hood when you want the coverage. 

So my first test didn’t go so well. I tried using snaps (SHOWs sample) and I spent a bit of time snapping! Snap on, snap off. Oh snap.

Because the fabric is so forgiving, I think a snap isn’t the way to go here. You want something fast and the snap is not. But I don’t want to give up on this feature so I have a few other ideas I’m going to try next week.

Also, I’m debating about adding a pocket for functional reasons. My small business designer friends would absolutely advocate for a pocket if not two! I’m going to experiment with this because what I don’t want to do is add bulk around the midsection. The fabric is really lightweight so I’ve just got to experiment.

Ok, maybe I should show you what it looks like on!

(Puts on)

So here is how the neckline drapes. I think it is flattering and shows off some bling.

Then when I put the hoodie on, see here are the snaps. But let me show you how together with the neckline flipped up it gives me more neck coverage. 

And you can see I have some side coverage for my face. I’m wearing tinted sunscreen right now so it’s hard to see the melasma on the sides of my face. But I assure you, it’s there.

(Ties it off in front)

(Criss crosses the ties)

You can see the possibilities right?

Then with the hood down, the front of the hood just drapes nicely.

(Shows front and back)

(Ties off the ties in front)

Ok, let’s talk for a sec about how it fits and how it feels.

Remember, I wanted to make something that would be versatile and could look a little more elevated than loungewear - while still retaining all the functional sun protective properties that I’m obsessed about. 

Ok so in terms of functionality, quick reminder, this is 100% UPF 50+ protection that won’t wash out.

Permanent sun blocking properties to block more than 98% of UV rays from reaching your skin.

And while I don’t want it to look like loungewear, I do want it to feel like it! 

So I’ve been wearing this all day since I’ve finished it, and the fabric does feel like pajamas or a nightgown. 

It’s really soft and silky feeling, and it’s not binding when I move around

(Stretch arms, shows back)

And it’s not clingy to those areas. It just gently drapes around your shape.

It’s what I call, VERY forgiving clothing.

It feels very cozy like you’re swaddled, it’s comfortable to wear all day long - you won’t feel this urgent need to change out of this as soon as you get home. 

It has what I consider to be some street appeal,

And it’s hardcore functional sun protection.

So far, this design is checking the boxes!

This is definitely slow fashion - I’ve got to refine this design, and work on sizing and grading the pattern.

So thank you for being patient and supporting my slow sun protection fashion movement.

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thank you for watching and joining me today!
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