January Design Update

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Hi friends, 

It's sharone - just dropping in to say hi.

I am working on a few new patterns this week for sun protective neck scarves and playing around with a few different designs that will feel soft, comfy and cozy, look stylish (always), and will functionally sun block over 98% of UV rays. I’m excited to show you progress, but for now it’s lots of blobs of fabric and scraps of paper.

I’m also working on a written piece about what to look for in sun protection clothing - when that’s ready I’ll let you know, and I hope you find it useful!

Practically everyone I’m connected with is going through something -- whether you are a parent or not we are all juggling a lot of things. So there is always an emotional element lingering in the background touching on everything we do every day. My new year’s resolution is to feel happy every day despite this waiting game.

Every day is a new opportunity to fight for that happiness while we wait!

So I hope you all are hanging in there and staying safe. bye


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I started Heliades with the intent to combine fashion with function by designing sun protective apparel with an elevated look that doesn't scream beach, resort or activewear. My goal is to create stylish options to protect our skin every day, for every occasion.

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