Real Women | Fit + Photo Shoot

1st woman wearing apple green sol Escape, holding coffee cup. 2nd woman showing back of cape in royal blue, and 3rd woman wearing charcoal gray solEscape sideways. All provide UPF30-50 sun protection against UV rays and help prevent premature aging.
Many thanks to real women Amanda, Ashley, Cecile, Larisa, and Tracie for taking time to fit our sol Escape cape, giving us invaluable design feedback, and agreeing to be photographed!
I think you'll agree, jeans or dresses, the sol Escape looks fabulous on these beautiful women.
As it turns out, the sol Escape happens to provide discreet coverage for breastfeeding moms and has ample room to snuggle and provide UV sun protection for both mom + little ones. Ashley says the fabric feels cool on her skin and is comfortable to wear.
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