Style Guide: What to look for in stadium approved clear bags

Style Guide: What to look for in stadium approved clear bags - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

What are stadium approved clear bags and why use them?

If you enjoy attending live sports events such as baseball, soccer and football, or love to hear live music then you've likely heard about clear, transparent bags.

That's because most stadium, festival and concert venues have developed a clear bag policy which requires you to carry a clear bag into your favorite stadium or concert venue for security reasons and to expedite game day entry - especially common for large events like professional sports (NFL, MLB, MLS), but also applicable for concerts and festivals of all sizes.

And in some work situations businesses like department stores require employees to carry clear bags.

The current stadium bag policy approves bags, purses and totes with a maximum allowable size of 12"x6"x12". We've never seen bags measured at venues, but did witness a few bags rejected at Fenway Park for being obviously larger than the allowable size.

Here's the thing. Clear bags are actually pretty versatile and have become quite popular in the fashion world as an everyday alternative. They're lightweight and can be very stylish.  The better quality clear bags are sturdy and durable while still lightweight and fashionable.

And they're an affordable alternative to carrying a designer bag. Let's face it, sometimes situations call for us to carry a lower profile bag while still making a fashion statement.

Heavy duty .8mm thick Unisex Heliades Designer Clear Bag is durable for airport travel, stadium approved for concerts and game day approved at Stanford Stadium.

There are a variety of styles and thicknesses at different price points. And you pretty much get what you pay for in terms of quality, durability and style points.

Here's what to look for at the lower price level.

At the lower price level there are plenty of bag choices within the 12x6x12 dimensions. Typically these are made of very thin, transparent PVC material similar to the plastic pouches bed linens are packaged in. As you know, these become brittle over time, tend to rip easily and very importantly, bags made of this material do not retain their shape and may have an odor.

Why? The chemicals required to make PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) flexible break down and that's why PVC discolors, rips easily and wrinkles.

If you are planning for a one time event and intending to carry only non-valuables in your clear bag, then this is a viable option.

Pro: Very affordable. Great for one time use and for carrying non-valuables.

Con: Wrinkles and becomes brittle, may have an odor. Tends to rip easily, particularly seams will come apart. Bags do not retain their shape.

We strongly recommend you avoid any clear bags made of vinyl (Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC).

Here's what to look for if you're shopping for a more durable, long lasting clear bag.

Within the durable clear bag category there are still affordable options with prices extending upwards to the designer bag range. Just search up 'designer clear bag' and you'll see that even designers like Chanel and Hermès have been designing elegant, stylish clear bags for quite a while now. Is that not validation that clear bags are a staple in the fashion world?

When shopping for a clear stadium bag, just keep in mind that if you stay within the 12" x 6" x 12" maximum allowable size, you'll be in line with the current stadium approved bag policy and your stylish clear bag will be that much more versatile.

Chic, fashionable clear bags come in all shapes so decide if you want a belt bag, clutch, crossbody, or over the shoulder shopper clear tote bag style with a spacious interior like a versatile carryall.

A contemporary design made with quality materials is a must.

Look for clear bags made with thick, thermoplastic polyurethane - the transparent material also called TPU - and have machine stitching as these will be more durable and long lasting, and able to carry more weight.

TPU is non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable. It doesn't discolor.

Best practice is to avoid bags made with PVC (vinyl - Polyvinyl Chloride) and here's why. PVC is known to be a toxic plastic for our health and is bad for the environment.

What do you want to carry in your clear bag?

Make sure your bag choice is roomy enough to carry the essentials (keys, wallet, lipstick or hand sanitizer, a cell phone or an iPad or tablet style device - whatever you consider essential), and if you want the true versatility of a stadium approved bag, then you may as well look for a clear bag with space for a hoodie, food and a water bottle.

Fashionable stadium approved clear bag shown on left holding shoes, 32oz water bottle, mobile phone, sunglasses, sunglass case and UPF50+ arm sleeves. Stylish clear 12"x6"x12" shopper tote on right shown holding a silver 13" Macbook, red notebook, 'Becoming' book by Michelle Obama, medium size Louis Vuitton Kirigami pouch, cell phone, UPF50+ arm sleeves. in background are rocks and the SF Bay Area.

This is the ultimate in versatility for your investment as many festival and concert venues allow you to bring in pre-packaged food and an empty water bottle - in fact, in the long run you might have a tidy return on your clear bag investment as you'd save money by bringing in your own.

  • Pro: Many stylish, chic, designer clear bag options at different price points. Relatively more affordable than designer bags yet still fashionable. Lots of different sizes and shapes. Sturdy and durable, and tend to stand upright. The better quality clear bags do not have an odor and are well made with seams that won't come apart.

  • Con: You'll pay more initially, but it will last longer and is more versatile as an everyday, fashionable essential. Thick, durable TPU means these don't fold up like a grocery bag. 

Clear bag care.

The clear material is called TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). It may look 'foggy' over time. Simply wipe the TPU with a soft, non-abrasive cloth on both sides to polish. We've also heard that non-acetone nail polish remover dabbed onto a soft, non-abrasive cloth helps with both polishing as well as buffing out scuff marks. Like real leather and most bags, this 100% vegan material may scuff.

Clear bags with handles or flaps in colors are made with either PU (polyurethane), a very popular vegan alternative to leather, or real leather. PU does not require much care, however it too may scuff.

Store your bag as you would your favorite designer bag by stuffing the inside to retain its shape in your closet out of direct sunlight. 

Best clear stadium bag. it's A Fan favorite.

This fan favorite clear stadium designer shopper tote bag meets current stadium approved guidelines.

Heliades 12x6x12 clear stadium bag is the best clear bag for airport travel to beach vacation in Belize, and is security approved at Oakland Roots SC game at CSU East Bay

There is a roomy main compartment and an exterior pocket which is perfect to hold your keys, phone, and other essentials you need to grab quickly when you're on the go. The 9” handles fit comfortably on your shoulder whether you are 5'2" in height or 6' tall.

It's the best, multipurpose stadium approved clear shopper style tote bag to fit essentials, all your game day necessities, and has ample space for a hat, sunglasses case, hoodie or lightweight blanket, 32 oz water bottle AND snacks!

Made with thick, durable .8mm TPU and soft PU leather in Classic Black.

100% vegan and weather-resistant.

In addition to being chic, durable and lightweight, this sturdy bag stands upright. With a flat reinforced bottom that you can wipe down, it's the perfect place to put your jacket and keep it clean when you're out and about.

This best in class, roomy clear tote bag fits everything for when you're on the go every day, concert-going or on game day. So go ahead, root on your favorite sports team or hold everything at that concert or festival in classic style!

There are many clear bag options out there to suit your style so enjoy shopping now that you've got some information to guide your decision making. Go here to shop the clear bag fan favorite.


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