Style Hacks: Up style a t-shirt in two minutes and look polished for your next Zoom

Style Hacks: Up style a t-shirt in two minutes and look polished for your next Zoom - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

Re-imagine your accessories to get more mileage with your wardrobe. Here’s how to re-style that black t-shirt in minutes so you’ll look polished (and different!) for those Zooms.

It’s quick and the best part is that you wear it only when you need to.

For this hack I used a silk Burberry designer scarf and a skinny chain belt. You can use any large, square or oblong scarf that is polyester, silk, rayon or a blend - in satin, charmeuse, chiffon, georgette or organza. A scarf in velvet, taffeta and shantung won't drape as well. 

A skinny belt in leather, chain or fabric works as long as it's flexible!

Remember, accessories are modular and often worth your initial investment to change up your wardrobe especially if they have a dual purpose or if you can wear it several different ways. Best of all, you wear them when you want or need to.

Speaking of dual purpose accessories, if you love gloves, check out our collection of sun protective gloves here

Stay stylish and sun safe friends!

Watch this two minute video:

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