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Sun Damage On Your Left - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

Do you ever wonder when you look in the mirror why you see more sun damage on the left side of your face?  

Researchers speculate this is because of our time spent in cars - behind the wheel - driving. In countries like the U.S. sun damage to the left side is more prevalent, whereas in the U.K. the sun damage is observed on the right side of the face. 

Glass can block UVB rays from penetrating, however harmful UVA rays can penetrate through glass. And, while windshields on cars typically are coated to screen out UV rays, side and passenger windows are not. The result is that we see more photo-aging in the form of wrinkles, sagging and brown spots on the left side of the face here in the U.S., and more photo-aging on the right side of the face in countries where drivers sit on the right side of the car.

Keep in mind the damage is cumulative so precautions should be taken on a daily basis, not just when you plan to be in the car for a long Sunday drive.  It is the intermittent, short bursts of time spent in the car that over time wreak havoc on our skin.

From an article in

Repeat after us: Sun protection is non-negotiable 365 days a year, no matter where you are, what you're doing, or what the weather. "Most of the sun exposure people get is unintentional and incidental," says Joshua Zeichner, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. "They don't realize that it's during short moments spent outdoors—their commute to work, running errands—that the sun is damaging their skin."
That damage is cumulative; short bursts of time spent sans sunscreen have dangerous and long-lasting effects. And while burning UVB rays are stronger in the summer, UVA rays (which cause aging and skin cancer) are the same strength year-round and penetrate even on a cloudy day.

Here's a few suggestions to consider for sun protection while driving in the car:

  • Wear protective gear such as long sleeves, hats and sun glasses with UV protection.

  • Re-apply broad spectrum sunscreen 30 minutes before you get into the car.

  • Have your windows tinted or laminated to block out UV rays.

Remember that the best practice to protect your skin on a daily basis is to wear sun protective clothing year round and apply sunscreen every day.



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