Tips For Putting On Your UV Sun Gauntlets

Tips For Putting On Your UV Sun Gauntlets - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

"Everything should serve a purpose" -

When you go shopping for apparel, do you ever wonder why did the designer add a snap there? Or, when trying on just about anything do you wonder why a logo was placed in a specific spot? 'No reason' is sometimes the answer, but not always.

Especially with a new product there's an opportunity to create purposeful design, and that is our objective with placing our trims in specific locations on our UV Sun Gauntlets line.

So here goes.

Color coordinated trims run underneath your thumbs on both sun protection hand gloves and arm sleeves:

A hand wearing sang-de-boeuf red UV hand glove showing Trim underneath thumb
 Trims run underneath your thumbs.

Trims are also placed at the edge of the hand glove's wrist. Hand gloves may be worn interchangeably on the right or left hand so it's your decision if you want the wrist trim facing up or down.

LEFT side shows UV hand glove worn with wrist trim hidden, facing down. RIGHT side shows UV hand glove worn with wrist trim showing, facing up
(LEFT) Hand glove worn with wrist trim hidden, facing down
(RIGHT) Hand glove worn with wrist trim showing, facing up

For arm sleeves, trim will run on the outside of the arm sleeve's upper arm. (We'll add a photo when available)

Why put trims in these locations? Two reasons.

First, because many of our designs are seamless with tagless labels, it can be tricky to determine which side of the design is meant to face outward. Placing a trim on the outward facing side of the fabric makes it easier to figure out.

Second, specific to our UV Sun Gauntlets, the trims are intended as a visual cue so you can quickly find the thumb, arm or wrist openings and slide your pair on. This is especially helpful when you're in a hurry to get your sun protection on and get moving. 

Additionally, you can train your fingers to scan the edges of the gauntlets with your fingertips and feel the subtle trim so you'll be able to pull on your Sun Gauntlets without looking at them!

We want to encourage you to stay stylish and be sun safe whenever you enjoy being outside! Sun protection clothing is the best way to stay sun safe, and there are many choices available. We feel honored that you are considering wearing ours, and remind you that our UV Sun Gauntlet Collection is
    • Seamless
    • Chlorine resistant
    • Rated UPF 50+ 
    • Breathable
    • Dries very quickly (so you can wash n go)
    • Wrinkle resistant - packs and travels well
    • Thermoregulated to keep you feeling warm or cool cause UV rays happen year round 
    • Adapts to your body shape and retains shape even with frequent use
    • 100% materials adhere to the OEKO-TEX 100 standard - safer for your skin
    • Additionally, our tape and trim partner is a certified Bluesign partner - better for our planet

This Shop link will be live when our Sun Gauntlets are available.

#UVsunGauntlets  Any day. Any wear UPF.


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