Weekly Update: UPF Hoodies + Sun Gauntlets

Weekly Update: UPF Hoodies + Sun Gauntlets - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

Hello from Sharone!

I design, make and sell sun protection apparel. Here is my latest video update ⬇️  including a transcript, and please go check out my site, heliades.com

In this video I have a close up view of three new color ways for the new UPF hoodie design.

I also show you the different color arm sleeves and gloves that coordinate with this look.

These designs plus my sun protection face masks are made of double certified sun protective fabric - buttery soft, silky luxe fabric with UPF 50+ permanent sun protection that won't wash out.

This sun blocks more than 98% of UVA and UVB rays from reaching your skin.

These selected fabrics are also OEKO-TEX certified so you won't have any chemicals touching your skin.

It's good for you and for the environment.

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The UPF Hoodie will be on https://heliades.com soon so please keep checking back. To see more images of my Sun Gauntlets, please go here: https://bit.ly/SunGauntlets Thanks for watching!


Hi there! I’m Sharone, I design, make and sell sun protection clothing and accessories! My website is heliades.com

If you’re watching this - thank you so much!

Today I’m going to give you a brief update on my UPF Hoodie design and show you the sun gauntlets which are arm sleeves and gloves that are easy to put on and take off.

So the UPF Hoodie design is ready and I think you’ll love it. 

Here’s why. People will notice how cute you look with this on. (Stay with me here)

They’re not going to think, 'oh you’re wearing a sun shirt'. This look doesn’t suggest you’re going on a hike or to the beach even though you could wear this doing any of these types of outdoor activities and look fabulous.  

In other words, it’s cute and you won’t look out of place anywhere you wear it. 

For all of you who like to organize your clothes — this is a crossover piece that belongs in the every day category, not in your workout clothing drawer, and not in your weekend warrior/resort clothing stack.

BTW, this is one of my goals and what I mean by ‘streetwear appeal’ — I just want us to have sun protection options that  can be a part of our every day wardrobe. 

UPF options to wear every day and that don’t look out of context.

It’s really lightweight and swishy, and it feels so soft on your skin. 

And it’s a loose fit so it looks really flattering which is perfect for us as we transition back to our new normal.

And to demonstrate today, I actually put on a skirt. OMG. And I tucked it in! I wanted to show you that you get all the sun protection without the bulk. The fabric is a similar hand feel to a silk shirt. In fact this fabric will help smooth out lines.

And I think you deserve it. To have something that makes you feel good and helps take care of your health.

I’ve got a few more color ways to show you.

This one is blue with paisley contrast print. It’s a peacock or royal blue shade and the paisley print is a multi-color paisley with shades of orange, red, lavender, bright blue, warm brown and black.

The logo color is Silver Reflective.

This one is navy blue with navy blue and white floral contrast print.  

The logo color on this one is called Rad Day Green - a bright, lime green

And then this one is navy blue with painterly houndstooth plaid contrast print.

The houndstooth colors include teal, turquoise, violet, purple and peacock blue, orange. It’s on a beige background.

The logo color is Pink Metallic.

Here’s what it looks like with the hood up and with it buttoned up.

And I like that I can tie it off and get more side coverage for my face or more for my neck if I need it.

The fabric I use is double certified. This includes the contrast prints as well as the solid colors.

It’s rated UPF 50+ and the sun protection is permanent.

And it blocks more than 98% of UVA and UVB rays from reaching your skin.

The second certification is from OEKO-TEX. It’s called Standard 100 which means no harmful chemicals touching your skin. and of course less chemicals is also good for the environment. 

(Strictly speaking, the full name is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Category 2 which is deemed safe for humans, and safe for prolonged contact on skin for humans). 

That’s a little thought provoking - my mind wanders to what’s in the clothing I wear that’s not OEKO-TEX certified. This is part of a movement in the fashion and textiles industry to decrease chemicals and other pollutants in the supply chain which impacts all of us globally.

My arm sleeves and gloves are also made of this same fabric as my UPF face masks and the UPF Hoodie. I named this collection Sun Gauntlets because it’s like fierce armor that protects your skin. 

What is appealing about these is the idea of having flexible sun coverage. 

Obviously if you’re spending a day out in the sun, we tend to put a bit of thought into all the sun protection we might need. These are a necessary addition to that list.

For the other times when you are in the sun intermittently — and by the way it is the intermittent sun exposure we have on a daily basis that we should not ignore because that’s what adds up and is a contributing risk factor.

So these pull double duty — a pair of gloves or arm sleeves roll up small and pack in your bag and are the perfect sun accessory to battle the intermittent sun exposure. 

This is how small a pair of Sun Gauntlets UV arm sleeves fold up and while supplies last I have these cute up cycled zippered storage pouches to giveaway to you with each pair. So it’s easy to store them and find them in your bag of the day.

It’s sun protection you can wear every day, and you’re worth it. Your health is priceless.

Going back to my earlier comment about not wanting to look out of context — I’ve got these gloves and arm sleeves in a variety of colors and prints to accessorize with your daily outfit.

And here’s how the sun gauntlets coordinate nicely with the UPF tunic.

These are mine btw.

I am working on different sizes for the gloves and arm sleeves because this year I want to offer sun protection options for all skin types and for all skin conscious individuals. Period.

Here's a preview of a full length arm sleeve in a gender neutral sun protective print.

So please keep checking back because I’ll update inventory as frequently as I can.

I’m got to work on some product photos for the UPF Hoodie and then get that up in the store as well.

One last note, the sun protection face masks are going like hotcakes. I’m so excited people are interested to sun protect their faces with these masks - so keep checking the website as I update that inventory.


Thanks for your support, I appreciate it! If you want to support my small business, please sign up https://bit.ly/WearUPF365

Or follow me on social media - my handle is @getheligirl

thank you for watching ❤️

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