New UPF 50+ Face Mask Colors & UPF Hoodie Details

New UPF 50+ Face Mask Colors & UPF Hoodie Details - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

I met my goal of finishing some new UPF 50+ sun protection face masks and getting them added to my store,

Here's a video preview of the colors and an update of my next design, a UPF Hoodie with extra neck coverage and a pocket.

Both these designs are made with sun protective fabric that is double certified:

Rated UPF 50+ that won't wash out and blocks more than 98% of UVA and UVB rays, and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified - so no harmful chemicals touching your skin.

Wearing these designs are good for your skin, your health and you're doing your part to take care of the environment!

Go here to see the color choices up close: and please check back often as I frequently add more new stock.

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thank you and be well.Sharone, Chief Designer of

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Hi there! I’m Sharone, I design, make and sell sun protection clothing and accessories! My website is

If you’re watching this - thank you so much!

I’m testing out a diff set up and hope the lighting is better - do me a favor and let me know if this is better or if it still sucks!

Today I’m going to show you some new face masks that are now available in my webstore.

And show you two samples of my new UPF Hoodie design that’s coming along really nicely!

Here are the current colors of the sun protective face masks!

Navy Blue + White Moroccan print

Black + White Floral print

Raspberry Checks print

Black, Burgundy + Chocolate Repeating Rosette print — very subtle and still very nice. There’s a bit of beige neutral color in some of the repeating rosettes.

Charcoal Gray + Black Repeating Rosette print with a little bit of slate gray in some of the repeating rosettes.

Black Cat Black solid - This solid color is also available in hand gloves and arm sleeves.

Painterly Houndstooth Plaid print - it has a lot of diff colors including teal, turquoise, violet, purple and peacock blue, orange. It’s on a beige background.

Navy Blue + White Floral print

Ballet Pink and Black Polka Dotted - it is the shade of soft leather ballet shoes. This print also available in hand gloves and arm sleeves.

Tanzanite Blue, Navy + Black Repeating Rosette print — it has a little bit of almost beige in some of the repeating rosettes.

So you may be wondering what’s different about my face masks.

I designed them to provide more coverage for the sides of your face.

They also tuck under your chin which does two things, it covers your jawline (trace with fingers)

And they kind of anchor under your chin which helps keep your mask from slipping down when talking.

The reason this additional coverage is awesome is because the fabric I use is double certified.

It’s rated UPF 50+ and OEKO-TEX.

So what does this mean for you

Well, there's several benefits of this.  

Simply put, this sun protection is permanent, and it blocks more than 98% of UVA and UVB rays from reaching your skin.

These are the rays that cause skin discoloration, premature wrinkles and sunburns which can lead to other bad things happening to your skin.

OEKO-TEX is a standard that tests for more than 300 chemicals known to be harmful to human health. This certification means it’s free of harmful chemicals - which is beneficial for two reasons.

Clearly this is ideal for your health bc one of the ways chemicals absorb into our bodies is through our skin.

The second reason is that it’s good for the environment.

No harmful chemicals means they’re out of our global supply chain, and out of our waterways so choosing this mask means you’re doing your part for the environment.

All in one swoop!

Honestly, what we really want is to know that we’re doing our best to take care of ourselves. And this really is an ideal option.

I use the same double certified sun protective fabric to make this new design, the UPF Hoodie.

Here are two samples I’ve made - Black Cat Black with the Charcoal Gray + Black Repeating Rosette print.

This button attaches to the collar so you have more neck coverage.

Here’s the pocket which fits a large sized mobile phone.

This is the second sample. It’s Navy blue with Painterly Houndstooth Plaid print.

This is the extended neck that offers more coverage. On the back I’ve added some tape for the buttonhole. It’s really cool because it feels nice on your skin. Texturely I want it to feel nice and silky on your skin like pajamas! Yet you look presentable when you go outside.

There’s contrast fabric inside the hood.

The back has a yoke which is more flattering across our backs.

The back hem is longer than the front for more coverage of your backside. You could be wearing yoga pants or nice pants and you’ll be covered.

The ties help keep the hood wrapped around your head if it’s windy. It also provides additional side coverage for your face!

I have the fabric swatches up on the website now, and videos that show the mask coverage, and all the little things to do to get a comfortable, good fit.

So please keep checking back at as I add new inventory frequently.

The Tanzanite Blue, Navy + Black Repeating Rosette print mask already sold out so I will make more and update the inventory as soon as I can.

I’ll also be working on adding the new UPF Hoodie to the website - realistically it will probably take me 1.5 to 2 weeks.

Thanks for your support, I appreciate it! If you want to support my small business, please sign up at

Or follow me on social media - my handle is @getheligirl

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