Coming soon: UPF Hoodie + More Masks and UV Gloves

Here is my latest update on new sun protection clothing, gloves, arm sleeves and UPF masks I'm working on and will soon be available in my store.

My focus is to create UPF clothing with street appeal - it's comfortable yet functional to block more than 98% of UV rays from your skin and it looks nice to wear every day beyond the beach.

Keeping skin healthy is an every day goal rather than just for weekends and vacation! Follow me on social @getheligirl and sign up for my newsletter so you know when these products are available!

Hi there, it’s Sharone from
Thank you for being here! I design and make sun protection clothing with street appeal to wear on and beyond the beach. The fabric I work with is rated UPF 50 protection that doesn’t wash out which means it blocks more than 98% of UVA and UVB rays. So you’re covered for sunburns and wrinkles and melasma which are those discolored spots.
Today I’m going to give you another update on the UPF Hoodie design I’ve been working on,
And show you fabric swatches of sun protection masks I’ll be finishing soon.
And if we have time new gloves that are almost finished.
Ok, here’s a quick refresher regarding the hoodie. 
I wanted to create a tunic that would offer some versatility: as all in one sun protection and also from a wearability perspective. Some UPF clothing I see is a little constricting or isn’t in a color that goes with my wardrobe. 
I think if it’s comfortable and you can wear it with your existing wardrobe - then you might wear it more often. And the healthy skin game is not played out only on weekends or on vacation - it’s won in the every day habits.
This UPF hoodie is roomy and forgiving with a nice draped neckline. But then check it out, it you can flip the neckline up for neck coverage.
The collar in the back of the tunic sits a little higher for more coverage, and then you can put your hood up to cover the back of your neck, your hair and scalp.
So the trial and error was figuring out how to hold the extended neckline up for more coverage. This time around I think I have a good working solution!
On the hood I have a small button on either side and I hid buttonholes in the neckline. The cool part is that it’s completely smooth - it’s not a sewn button hole, it’s heat taped - so it feels smooth when you have the neckline draped.
Here’s the next color combo I’m working on - it’s going to look so cute and I’m excited to show you the final product!
Ok, next up I will be finishing some sun protective masks in new prints! 
Here’s close ups of the new prints.
These are all made of the same UPF 50 fabric with the same qualities as the tag I showed you earlier.
I wanted to make masks in gender neutral colors because I’ve had requests for this. So here you go!
These will be finished soon and up in the store - ok I”m going to set a goal of having these in the store within a week! 
If you see a fabric pattern you like today, send me a DM or mail and I can create a draft order for you to save it.
Ok, so I showed you the next color combo for the UPF hoodie.
I pulled some of my new fabric to show you.
And I was just playing around with color combos.
I can really get lost playing with this - I could do this all day.
This lace - reminds me of a lace collar like RBG and then Bridgerton dropped and I think we might see lace on the scene this spring and summer!
Ok! Let me know in the comments which combo you ‘d like me to consider to make next.
I will try to post updates here and on Instagram with my progress on this design, the masks and gloves.
Check the store for new inventory which I will try to prop as quickly as I can. It’s
And hey, my friends check it out I have new cards to write my thank you notes on. I like to write a handwritten note and send it in every package I mail out.
All right! thanks so much. Send me any questions or comments. I love seeing your comments! And follow me on social if you’re not already @getheligirl.
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