UV Sun Gauntlets: Fashionable TiO2 Mineral Fabric For Fierce Sun Protection

Level up your sun protection game with our fashionable and functional sun protection clothing.

Indie designed, our style is fashion forward mixing high quality eco-luxe fabric in designer prints and fun colors with serious, fierce UPF 50+ sun protection for your skin.

In this video we highlight our fabric quality, comfort and exclusive features of our UV Sun Gauntlet Collection -- UV gloves for hands and longer length sleeves to protect arms from sun damage.

90% of skin aging is caused by sun exposure.

Now you can prevent sun damage without sacrificing your personal style.

Wear Heliades fashionable sun protective apparel every day to protect your skin from UV exposure.

Go here to see the collection and get yourself sun protected today.

Because tans fade, but wrinkles last forever!


UV Sun Gauntlets mix fashion with comfort, fit and style.

Our eco-luxe fabric is permanently sun protective with Titanium Dioxide woven in.

It’s VERY STRETCHY & double certified OEKO-TEX and UPF 50+ that won’t wash out in your laundry.

Exclusively designed with taped seams, no-band edges, and no itchy tags for your comfort.

All you see is sleek, luxe fabric in fashion prints and stylish colors.

What you feel is buttery soft, breathable, cooling goodness on your skin.

With fierce all day sun protection that prevents sun damage and shields you from getting sunburned.

The unique no-band sleeve conforms to your skin without binding or creating arm muffin top.

It's smooth on top. Like you, our UV Sun Gauntlets are fierce.

We like to look pretty, feel comfy and keep our skin looking fresh!

Get UV Sun Gauntlets. Because tans fade, But wrinkles are forever.


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About our founder

I started Heliades with the intent to combine fashion with function by designing sun protective apparel with an elevated look that doesn't scream beach, resort or activewear. My goal is to create stylish options to protect our skin every day, for every occasion.

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