How to Replace Your UPF50+ Fabric Face Mask Nose Strip

How to Replace Your UPF50+ Fabric Face Mask Nose Strip - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

This video will show you how to replace the adhesive nose strip on your face mask.

Here are the step by step instructions:

Measure or use this template to determine the center of the new strip and make a slight bend. The bend should be centered in the new strip and should curve outward (convex) when front facing.

Turn your mask inside out and hold each end with top of the mask up. On the inside facing side of the pocket (top), fold the mask in two to determine the center of the mask. Use a straight pin or clip to mark the center.

Holding one side of the strip (front facing and adhesive side away from you), remove half of the adhesive backing. Center the new strip with center of mask (top of mask) and position and gently press into place.

Remove the second half of the adhesive backing, position on inside of the top of mask and gently press into place.

With new nose strip in position, gently press again into place. Turn your mask front facing and press firmly the strip into place.

We hope this UPF50+ face mask keeps you healthy and your skin sun safe!

Our UPF50+ Face Masks block 98% of UV rays and are made of fabric certified free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals. 
Safe for you and better for the environment! See them here.
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