Video Part 3 of 3: Sustainable Decisions About How Our UPF 50+ Fingerless Sun Protective Gloves + Arm Sleeves Are Made

(Scroll down to view this video) Our Chief Designer Sharone answers questions about our UV Sun Gauntlets which are UPF 50+ fashionable sun protective gloves and arm sleeves for women. 
What happens after you find the holy grail of fabric? (Meaning, it meets our standards which are listed below) Is it available in fun colors and prints to suit our mood?
In this last installment, Sharone also explains the importance of having a clear conscience about the quality of product we're putting out in to the universe, including how it's made and who makes it. She explains why she chose her suppliers and made the decision to manufacture in the USA. Topics like sustainability, ethics and what we value as a brand are also covered in this video series.

The UV Sun Gauntlets on your hands (and arms!) check all these boxes:

The design -
How does it fit?
Is it flattering? Does it avoid 'muffin top arm'?
Is it comfortable to wear?
Is it stylish?
The fabric -
Is the fabric tested and rated UPF 50+?
Is it breathable?
Is it thermo-regulated to keep your skin warm or cool?
Is it odor resistant?
Is it quick drying?
Does it have 4-way stretch?
Is the fabric permanently sun protective?
Is the fabric made in a sustainable manner using renewal energy?
Is the fabric safe for us to wear on our skin? (OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified?)
If the fabric meets all of the above, is it available in fashionable prints and colors?
Making a quality product -
Do we have a clear conscience about how this was made?
Were we good to our planet?
Did we help our local economy?

Contribute to the opportunity to earn a livable wage?

Here's Part 3 of 3:


Watch Part 1 of 3 - selecting our fabric suppliers based on OEKO-TEX Standard 100 health and safety for our clients, and sustainability practices for the environment

Here's Part 2 of 3 - selecting our fabric suppliers based on OEKO-TEX Standard 100 health and safety for our clients, and sustainability practices for the environment

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