When Should You Replace Your UV Sun Protection Clothing?

So you want to get outside and enjoy fresh air and some sunlight. You reach for your sun protection clothing and then it occurs to you, how do you know your UV clothing is still sun protecting your skin?

Clothing With Inherent Sun Protection

If you are buying sun protective clothing made with the UPF sun protection woven permanently into the fabric, you've made a smart investment because your sun protection clothing will last until the fabric wears out.

So my suggestion is to inspect your UPF clothing.

This is one of my beloved running pullovers which has protected my skin for at least ten years. Recently I noticed it is time to replace it.

The author wearing her blue sun protective running pullover, hat and sunglasses on The Dish trail in Stanford, CA

Clothing With Topical Sun Protection

If you are buying UPF clothing made with fabric that has a topical, sun protective finish additive, also known as a chemical UV blocker, its effectiveness will wear down faster. That's because the chemicals used in sun protective finishes wear down with UV exposure and also wash out in your laundry.

Which is Best Value?

Sun protective clothing made with permanent UPF woven into the fabric may cost more, but it is a good investment as it lasts a very long time. It will protect your skin every time you wear it until the fabric wears out.

Whichever you choose, just be sure to consider all this when making your shopping decisions and remember to keep your skin shielded from UVA and UVB rays in order to stay healthy and glowing!


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