About Our Collections

HELIADES collections are designed to elegantly infuse sun protection into everyday moments, exquisite occasions, and everything in between. Our apparel and gloves are made in the US from carefully sourced fabrics that offers sun protection for the garment’s full lifetime. For care instructions, see here.

Gloves: The Sun Gauntlet Collection


UPF 50+ Hand GlovesBest UPF 50 sun protection womens fingerless UV driving gloves in bright blue OEKO-TEX certified fabric, made in USA


Buttery soft sun protective gloves made for everyday wear. Our Sun Gauntlet collection comes in wrist length and full arm length—each blocking over 98% of sun rays. Available in an assortment of colors and patterns that range from bold and statement-making to subtle and refined. 

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Apparel: The Sol Escape Collection


UV sun protective clothing neck cape for dresses, sun poncho with broad sun coverage collar in charcoal gray


A luxuriously lightweight cape that can be worn in multiple ways to protect your neck, chest, shoulders, arms, and hands. With UPF 50+ and adjustable details like snaps and finger loops, Sol Escape capes are designed to seamlessly weave sun protection into your wardrobe.

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Accessories: The Spirit Flowers & On-The-Go Collections

The On-the-Go Tote by HELIADES is the best designer clear tote bag with pocket! It is stadium ready or perfect as a sturdy, stylish work tote

The Spirit Flowers Collection

Upcycled flower clips that elevate your Sol Escape cape or add a touch of playfulness to any outfit, accessory, or hairstyle. By making use of excess fabrics, each handsewn Spirit Flower reduces landfill waste—and no two are exactly the same.

On-the-Go Collection

A clear and stylish shopper tote, roomy enough for your sun protection essentials and more, yet lightweight enough to accompany you anywhere. The On-the-Go tote is a ‘ready for anything’ essential.

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