We are Heliades.

Like our namesake, we are the daughters of the sun. The HELIADES (pronounced hee-lee-ah-dez) of Greek mythology were the children of the sun god Helios—and, we too, are rooted in a deep respect for the majesty and power of light.

When we respect the sun, we embrace the possibilities born from preparedness. And our mission is just that: to offer sun protection that makes “I’m in” the default. “In” for the watershed moments—the plunges into your bucket list or the spontaneous minutes of mischief—and “in” for the everyday moments that capture your heartspace, your curiosity, and your intellect. Simply put, we create the armor you need to be your own Athena, Artemis, or Aphrodite.

From design to production, we are deeply committed to creating beautiful and functional sun protection. Learn more about our design, technical and ethical standards here.

See our Product Environmental Footprint by Fabric chart here.

This is Sharone.

Heliades Sun Protective Clothing_sol Escape sun cape in charcoal gray worn as shawl over shoulders to protect skin

A life in many hats—mom, wife, entrepreneur, maker, and all around doer—means Sharone has always been on the go. And as a California native, the sun has been a quiet (and generally welcomed!) companion through it all. Over time, as sunspots and fine lines surfaced—and as her beloved tattoos began fading—Sharone knew she needed to change her relationship with the sun. 

Sunscreen seemed to only make life more complicated. Forget to put some on before your makeup? Yikes. Wearing something that stains easily? Good luck with that. Did you bring it in your bag? Hope so—you’ll need to reapply in two hours. And, wait, you don’t want to smell like whatever’s in that bottle?

Tired of the messiness and impracticalities of the sunscreen ritual, Sharone searched for sun protective apparel she could layer onto whatever she was wearing—something equally suitable for a client lunch at a patio cafe, a weekend escape with friends or family, or her ever-growing list of errands. Something that would allow her to be “all in”—present, committed, and prepared—for the spontaneous and scheduled moments alike. What she found though, was athletic- and beach-specific gear. Determined to close the gap between self-care, self-expression, and everyday ease, Sharone started HELIADES with the launch of the Sol Escape collection. She hasn’t stopped designing since.

Read about Sharone's commitment to you, slow fashion and what clean clothing means for you here.