Staycations & Stay At Home: 9 Things To Explore In The SF/Bay Area, CA

Staycations & Stay At Home: 9 Things To Explore In The SF/Bay Area, CA - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

Hi ya'll! Heading in to the weekend here are a few suggestions for things to explore in the Bay Area and Tahoe region. If you are staying in, there is still plenty to explore virtually so check this video out!

Things to do in the Bay Area:

 1. Go for a bike ride.

Watching late night tv as my son played video games with his friends, I stumbled on a PBS show about bike riding around Crystal Springs. If you live in the Bay Area, you probably have driven by this beautiful resevoir of water countless times on your way to Half Moon Bay or driving along Interstate-280. But, how many times have you stopped?

Now this is not tight spandex, go screaming down the hills at top speed cycling. This is paved or packed trail and you don't need a fancy bike to make the ride. It's located in San Mateo County and I do suggest you check the website first to make sure parking and restrooms are open since things are changing almost daily.

Crystal Springs Regional Trail

2. Tahoe

Ok, so the Tahoe area is inundated with people wanting to get out of the Bay Area and in to space with a change of scenery. I'm going to share a secret list with you about a few off the beaten path lakes (smaller) that are supposedly pristine and less traveled. 

if you do go to Tahoe, we really want to KEEP TAHOE BLUE so please do your part to steward this breathtaking area for future generations. That includes wear your mask, pack out your trash, and be kind to the essential workers and service staff getting slammed during high season.

Webber Lake

Bowman Lake

Watson Lake

Spooner Lake

(Note if you watched the video I mention 'Bear Lake' not 'Spooner Lake' - I either heard it wrong or wrote it down wrong. Whatever.)

3. Staying at home or live outside the Bay Area?

If you're staying at home - thank you - there are many virtual tours you can take from the comfort of your home.

If you're in to history and architecture, check out this 5 minute tour about 

Taliesin House Frank Lloyd Wright's original home in Spring Green, Wisconsin. To learn more about virtual tours of Wright's work, go here.

Photography of Arthur Genthe, This is a super eclectic mix of the photographic work of Arthur Genthe who emigrated to San Francisco in 1895. His work is a collection of portraits and photo-journalism covering celebrities and events such as the 1906 SF Earthquake. Fascinating to see photographs of San Francisco's Chinatown pre-1906. Please note, this collection does include several artful nudes.

Higher Ground, the Michelle Obama Podcast. Her debut podcast this week includes a conversation with President Obama. Need I say more? You do need Spotify to download and listen to her.

If you're going outside for fresh air, the UV Index is forecasting the majority of the U.S. will experience very high to extreme UV exposure which means in less than ten minutes sun damage begins. So, not to worry. Just wear your sun protective clothing and reapply sunscreen every two hours.

Ok, because I like to check out the links, here is all what we've talked about in list format:

Crystal Springs Regional Trail

Webber Lake

Bowman Lake

Watson Lake

Spooner Lake

Taliesin House 

More Frank Lloyd Wright

Photography of Arthur Genthe

Higher Ground

UV Index

Friends, take good care. Stay healthy and strong, and of course, be sun safe.


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