Does sun protection clothing work? How does UPF work?

Hi, I'm Sharone, and these are questions I'm asked frequently. So I made a video - it's actually my first ever Facebook Live video and I woke up this morning and decided to just do it. Please know I'm working towards developing mad skills on camera!

In this video I'll cover:

- The different methods for making UPF fabric and clothing sun protective - some are better than others. (Like sunscreen, there's physical and chemical blocking UV filters.)

- A sneak peak of our newly arrived UPF 50+ fabric which is permanently sun blocking and certified free of harmful chemicals by the way.

- I'll show you an example of chemically treated fabric and a garment tag. Note the shirt in this example is only labeled UPF 40 -- it's the garment hang tag that mentions how the fabric was processed to obtain the UPF rating.

Clothing made with this type of UV chemical treatment is topical and will break down and wash out.

- I'll explain what an OEKO-TEX, chemical free rating means. I'm a passionate believer in trying to avoid prolonged contact with chemicals for long term health of both skin and body. Keeping chemicals out of our global supply chain and waterways is best for the wellbeing of our eco-system.

For a list of all the chemicals OEKO-TEX tests for (it's a global standard), go here.

- I'll also talk about how sun protection clothing works to block UVA and UVB rays from reaching your skin.

Watch the video ⬇️

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