Style Hacks: The Colorful Accessory Twist On Your Wrist

Style Hacks: The Colorful Accessory Twist On Your Wrist - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

This week with Style Hacks we focus on adding a pop of color and high fashion to your outfit with a simple twist on your wrist.

(Watch the video below)

Wear your accessories in different ways to get more mileage with your wardrobe. This Style Hack adds a bit of finesse and visual interest to your outfit in minutes and levels up your style. It's quick and the best part is that you wear it only when you need to.

For this look you will need a pair of colorful gloves and a small, square statement scarf.

Fold your scarf into a triangle and then fold again in half lengthwise. Hold both ends and twist it.
You can wear this look alone on your wrist, with a stack of mixed metal bangles or bracelets, or wear it wrapped over your gloves.

In the video you'll see I’m wearing my twist over my UV Sun Gauntlets. It's the perfect accessory meld of function and fashion, mixing the functional aspect of a sun protective glove with a colorful statement piece.

It's also an easy way to add a pop of color to your outfit or even wear your school colors and show off some school spirit.

Style hacks are meant to be quick, fun + stylish, and most of all to make you feel good. Get Style Hacks and other skin tips delivered to your inbox, sign up here.

Watch the video:

Check out more Style Hacks here. Stay stylish and sun safe friends!

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