Tips + Tricks For Wearing Fabric Face Masks

Unisex sun protective fabric face mask made of UPF50 fabric in white, this uv face mask is breathable and adjustable with ear loops and nose strip

Experts agree the most important thing to fight COVID-19 is wearing a face mask. And the most effective fabric face mask? It's the one you'll wear consistently. This means comfort should be the #1 consideration when selecting your face mask.

Watch our video on tips and tricks for how to adjust your fabric face mask to optimize the best fit. Because the better the fit, the more comfortable the mask which means you won't dread putting it on every time you are out in public.

Our fabric face masks are UV sun protective - since they're necessary, why not wear a mask that is both comfortable, fits and is protecting your beautiful skin by blocking 98% of UV rays (UPF50 fabric).

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