UV Neck Wrap + Three-Pleated Face Mask New Product Details

UV Neck Wrap + Three-Pleated Face Mask New Product Details - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

Dear Friends,

I'm super excited to announce the launch of two new designs to our sun protective apparel brand, HELIADES. Both these designs are original, and especially in the case of our new Three-Pleated UV Face Mask, you won't see a mask quite like ours on the street!

Both new products are made of the same fabric as our UV Sun Gauntlets  - buttery soft to the skin, UPF 50+ OEKO-TEX certified fabric. Don't be fooled by the soft texture and pretty aesthetic because this fabric blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays from your skin. Yes, beneath the colorful prints is serious sun protective armor. Which means that when you wear the Three-Pleat mask you're not only protecting others, you'll be protecting you skin and preventing sun damage with an environmentally conscious, sustainably made product.

Like our original Classic UV Face Mask, the Three-Pleated is two layers with a pocket to insert a filter(s) and includes an adjustable nose strip and adjustable knotted elastic ear loops.

New features to the Three Pleated UV Sun Protective Face Mask include:

1) three pleats that tuck under your chin. It looks nice! However the functional purpose is to help hold the mask in place,

2) the addition of silicone slider beads on the elastic so it's easier to adjust your ear loops. Please note these slider beads are very small and a choking hazard. Please indicate in the notes section if you'd like the slider beads REMOVED from your mask prior to shipping. 

There are so many ways to wear our new UV Neck Wrap. It is large enough to protect your neck, shoulders and chest (décolletage). Like a neck gaiter, you can pull the wrap all the way up to your eyeballs to sun protect your face. The fabric drapes beautifully so it's easy to wear as a neck scarf or get creative with style hacks as you'll see in our Style Guide here. You'll see in these videos our new UV Neck Wrap looks beautiful paired with a little black dress as well as with a regular t-shirt. The versatility and style options are endless while the sun protective functionality is constant!

For the first time you can match your Three-Pleated UV Face Mask with a UV Neck Wrap and coordinate colors with a pair of UV Sun Gauntlets. I am working on more visual style guides so you can see coordinating colors.

I wanted to take a moment to address the price point. The prices of a small, indie brand focused on sustainability simply do not compete with the big, established brands. There are many factors that impact the cost to produce a product, for example:

Quantity of units produced (1-100 → 1M+)
Where the units are manufactured (domestic vs. overseas)
Quality of raw materials (fibers used) and how the fabric is constructed (weave, durability)
Quantity of fabric purchased (5 meters → 1M+)
Environmental impact of facility making the fabric (sustainable practices to keep chemicals out of the supply chain, reduce green house emissions, recycling waste water, and use of renewable energy)

Ethical practices at the factory level (workers and working conditions)

Thankfully there are now many factories and fabric mills focused on sustainable, ethical practices both domestic and overseas. These operate at a higher price point which is reflected in the cost of materials and quality of goods.

In my experience the biggest impact to my costing is the first two on the list - the quantity of units produced, manufacturing domestically, and the quantity of fabric purchased (#4). Particularly with the masks on the market now, the ones with the best prices are manufactured overseas at run rates in the millions. Well who doesn't love a deal?! And I think this is important because everyone needs to wear a mask.

I don't think it's right to profit from the sales of our sun protective masks and want you to know they are priced to cover our expenses only. 

Last, there are many sun protection clothing options out there, and I encourage you to take good care of your skin and invest in sun protective apparel and accessories (A+A). It doesn't matter if it's our brand or another - though I feel strongly that ours is the most stylish sun protective option out there and the most versatile to wear with outfits for any activity! 😉 In all seriousness, healthy skin is essential to your health and if you're doing all the things to take care of it (wearing sun protective A+A, sunscreen, balanced healthy diet, hydrate, exercise and sleep) you should be feeling pretty darn good and your glow should be emanating and palpable.

Whether you choose our brand or another, just remember that by taking good care of your skin you really are practicing good health while keeping your glow going. So with that, I hope you take a look at our new products and would love to hear what you think! Send me your thoughts here.

Many thanks for your support. I feel it and it's so appreciated!


Founder + Chief Designer

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  • Cecile

    I love learning about your sourcing and manufacturing and how your ethical choices contribute to your price points. Reading here that you only charge enough to cover expenses for face masks literally warms my heart and renews my faith in humanity. Thank you, Sharone.

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