14-Day Video Challenge: Making Local Deliveries

14-Day Video Challenge: Making Local Deliveries - HELIADES UPF Street Clothing

Did you know we're doing a 14-day video challenge? Yes, essentially the goal is to make and post a (bad) video every day which will help hone our message and get comfortable with the entire process. This is not about polish and perfection!

Already I've gotten comfortable with actually recording and it's easier to think of fresh ideas.

There have been lots of bloopers and audio pep talks and a variety of video editing apps tested. Leveling up is easy when you start at zero so your patience is appreciated!

Here is Video #4 - it is thankfully only :41 seconds long and a triumphant attempt to include photos + video with a bit of branding and a call to action. And some interesting iMovie music thrown in to the mix.

Video #4 essentially shows the process for writing, packaging, mailing and making local deliveries of our PM 2.5 filters - a follow up to a newsletter written in response to the horrible air quality due to recent wildfires on the West Coast.

These 5 layer filters include two melt blown non-woven fabric layers and one activated charcoal layer which fit into the pocket of your sun protective face mask. 

More filters have been ordered so if you haven't received yours yet, please be patient!

NEW sun protective face masks are coming soon in colorful prints and all mask orders will include a few PM 2.5 filters to insert in to the pocket -- FREE with purchase!

(Video ⬇️)

Check back here soon because we're going to publish a super bad video and you'll see my cool, nifty ring light thingy reflected in my glasses. The effect gives me owl eyes!

Stay stylish, be healthy + defend your glow!

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